VLHC Workshop on Accelerator Physics

February 22 - 25, 1999
The Abbey, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

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Organized under the auspices of the  VLHC Steering Committee
by the
Accelerator Physics Working Group

Alan Jackson (ajackson@lbl.gov)
Shekhar Mishra (mishra@fnal.gov)
 Mike Syphers (syphers@fnal.gov)

The VLHC is the acronym for the proposal to build a Very Large Hadron Collider at Fermilab.  The VLHC would collide two high intensity, 50-TeV proton beams to study elementary particle physics in a regime where the limitations of the "standard model" must manifest themselves.  A steering committee with representation from BNL, Cornell University, FNAL, and LBNL has formed to facilitate the planning and R&D efforts.  This workshop on accelerator physics has been organized as part of that effort.

The Accelerator Physics Working Group was organized by the VLHC Steering Committee to investigate accelerator physics issues pertinent to the construction of a 50 TeV synchrotron proton collider.  Guided by the Snowmass '96 parameter sets, three working groups were organized and charged to explore and develop innovative concepts that will result in significant cost reductions.  Each of three working groups are to coordinate parameter sets, infrastructure requirements, and various design options with each other.  Specifically, the Accelerator Physics Working Group will explore the viability of various parameter sets implied by the major magnet technologies being explored.  General accelerator parameters, beam dynamics, magnet aperture, correction schemes and relaxation of tolerances, and emittance preservation and/or beam cooling will be explored by introducing innovative and new ideas in accelerator design.

The key issues to be addressed at this workshop will be:

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Alan Jackson
Eberhard Keil
S. Y. Lee
Ernie Malamud
Shekhar Mishra
Nikolai Mokhov
Steve Peggs
Cynthia Sazama, Conference Coordinator
Mike Syphers, Chair

More details can be found on the following pages.

Scientific Program and Proceedings
Working Groups
Conference Coordinator:  Cynthia Sazama (sazama@fnal.gov)
Last revised March 14, 1999

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