VLHC Workshop


Accelerator Technology

February 8 - 11, 1999

Thomas Jefferson Laboratory,
Newport News, Virginia

Organized under the auspices of the  VLHC Steering Committee by the Accelerator Technology Working Group

Christoph Leemann (leemann@jlab.org)

Waldo MacKay (waldo@bnl.gov)

John Marriner (marriner@fnal.gov)  

The VLHC is the acronym for the proposal to build a Very Large Hadron Collider at Fermilab.  The VLHC would collide two high intensity, 50-TeV proton beams to study elementary particle physics in a regime where the limitations of "standard model" must manifest themselves.  A steering committee with representation from BNL, Cornell University, FNAL, and LBNL has  formed to facilitate the planning and R&D efforts.  This workshop on accelerator technology has been organized as part of that effort.

Accelerator Technology is defined to include all those technologies that are required for the design, fabrication, and installation of the accelerator except for the magnets and related components.  Accelerator Technology includes tunnels, distribution of electrical power, cryogenics, controls, beam-line components, and other technologies.  The subjects to be included at this workshop include:

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Conference Secretary:  Carolyn Camp (VLHC@jlab.org)

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