The Very Large Hadron Collider (VLHC)
H. Piekarz:  " We successfully ran the system up to 100 kA and quenched at 104 kA on the conductor return line.  We have taken a lot of data." 
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L to R:  V. Kashikhin, M. Kufer, B. Claypool, B. Foster, M. Wake, B. Folkner,
Y. Huang, Ch. Hess, H. Piekarz, R. Carcagno, R. Rabehl, S Hays.
Henryk Piekarz, "Super-ferric Magnet R&D Status and Plans for FY04," Technical Division Seminar December 2, 2003
International Workshop on Future Hadron Colliders:  Physics, Detectors, Machines, Fermilab, October 16-18, 2003
Recent work on the low field magnet test
June 2003
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April 2003

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Design Study Recent Papers and Presentations
"Design Study for a Staged VLHC" Fermilab TM-2149 (June 4, 2001)
Peter Limon "Design Study for a Staged Very Large Hadron Collider," Accelerator and Technology Seminar, May 17, 2001
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Material presented to the Fermilab AAC Review of the Design Study, May 21-22, 2001
Presentations to the HEPAP Subpanel on Long Range Planning, June 11, 2001
"VLHC Accelerator Physics" (June 29, 2001; BNL C-AD/AP/49; FNAL TM-2158)
"VLHC Instability Workshop Report" (March 2001)
"Superbunch Hadron Colliders" (March 16, 2001)
"H. Pierkarz et al., Test of a 2 Tesla Superconducting Transmission Line Magnet System" (IEEE, Vol.16, No 2,(2006))
"Y. Huang et al., Development of 100 kA Current Leads for a Superconducting Transmission Line Magnet" (IEEE, Vol.16, No 2,(2006))
"S. Hays et al., The 100000 Amp DC Power Supply for a Staged Hadron Collider Super-Ferric Magnet" (IEEE, Vol.16, No 2,(2006))
"G. Velev et al., Field Quality Measurements of a 2 Tesla Superconducting Transmission Line Magnet" (IEEE, Vol.16, No 2,(2006))
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at Fermilab
M4 Working Group at Snowmass 2001

Steering Committee for the VLHC (including links to workshops)

BNL C-AD Accelerator Physics
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R&D efforts beginning in 1995 and continuing part way through 2002 at Fermilab aimed at the development of a low-field superferric transmission line magnet for the VLHC.

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