VLHC Accelerator Technology Workshop


The Workshop was held February 8-11, 1999


Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility


Opening Plenary Session

  • M. Harrison: VLHC Steering Committee Goals and Plans (pdf)
  • P. Wanderer: Report from the VLHC Workshop on Magnets
  • M. Syphers: Accelerator Physics Issues for the VLHC (pdf)
  • G. Dugan: Reliability Issues for the VLHC (pdf)
  • Contributed Papers

                        Todd Johnson (and introduction):

                        Todd Johnson:  LVDTs and ambient magnetic fields: A cautionary observation (pdf)

    E. Malamud:  Discussion of Bunch Spacing (html) pdf file

    J. A. MacLachlan:  Is Electron Cooling Relevant to VLHC? (ps)

    Oswald Gröbner:  LHC Design and VLHC Issues (pdf)

    Summary Talks

  • T. Shea:
  • V. Shiltsev: Rf, Feedback, and Instabilities pdf
  • C. Rode: Cryogenics and Beam Screens (pdf) more detailed report (pdf)
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